Christianity and Shoes


I love clothes, fashion, jewelry, and purses, pretty much anything along those lines, but my true love are SHOES! Oh man, just ask my husband, I have a pair of shoes in just about every style, in every color, for every occasion. I mean, you never know when you’re going to need to break out the zebra print Jimmy Choo’s, right? As I was going through my closet this weekend it hit me, too many people treat christianity like a pair of shoes. I know, it sounds crazy and way out there, but follow me on this, I believe I have a valid point. Christianity is like a pair of shoes in the sense that it’s not just something we wear, but it reflects who we are. I’m a firm believer in what my mama taught me. She’d say, “Boo, there’s a lot you can tell about a person by the shoes they are wearing. If they’re their the casual or business type; if they’re more worried about fashion or comfort. There’s a story behind every shoe.” People should be able to be near us and tell who we put our trust and faith in. My father-in-law always says, “I shouldn’t have to wear a neon sign telling folks that I’m an evangelist. If the goods are there, they’ll know.” It is said that the power of God was with the world renound preacher D.L. Moody so much that as he passed people on the street conviction would grip their hearts. Now that my friends, is having the goods and people knowing who you are and what you’re about without ever even knowing you.

For certain occasions I wear certain kinds of shoes- if I’m going to work out I’m going to wear my sneakers, if I’m singing I’ll be wearing some sort of high heel, if I’m heading to the beach I’ll be slipping on my flip flops, and so on and so forth. There’s an appropriate shoe choice for every occasion and every need. Just like with shoes, there’s a “style” of christianity for every type of worshiper- Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, etc., it’s about finding the right place of worship for you. I myself love a shoutin’, runnin’ the isles, Holy Ghost hand clapping kind of church, where as my father prefers a more reserved place of worship. There is not one style or place that is better than another, but it’s about finding out where God wants you, finding a place where the Bible is preached from the index to the maps in 100% truth, and you feel that you can be you freely.

The sad truth is too many christians treat their relationship with God like a shoe because they kick off their shoes whenever they feel like it, and they do  Jesus the same way. If the shoes becomes too tight or we just don’t like it any more, back to the back of the closet it goes. If the preacher steps on our toes or if we go through a trial then we’re ready to stop believing and trusting in God. What’s up with that? God isn’t Macy’s, He doesn’t have a 30 day return policy. He picked us out, called us to be His own, and when we said, “Yes Lord, I want to follow You and do Your will,” that was a life long commitment. When I walk out the door and go somewhere, I’ve got my shoes on and that’s it. Do my feet get tired? Yeah, sometimes, but without my shoes I wouldn’t be able to go anywhere or do anything. If you take a look around pretty much every establishment these days have the same policy- “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” It’s the same thing with God, if you don’t want to “wear” Him or be a christian full-time, don’t expect full service from Him. The Bible says in Revelation 3:15-16 that God would rather us either be on fire and fully serve Him or be cold and not serve Him at all because those who are lukewarm (those who claim to be christians one day and then say they aren’t the next) make Him vomit. Pretty powerful words coming from the mouth of God Himself.

  Next time you slip on a pair of shoes and are ready to walk out the door, don’t forget to put on the righteousness of God, too. Be a reflection of Him in every choice you make.


About mimismomentoftruth

The Ladd Family is an anointed family ministry with strong christian roots. They began more than 35 years ago when John and Violet Ladd felt the call of God on their lives to travel singing and preaching the gospel with their children. Today, the family tradition carries on with their son Paul and his wife Melissa. Their testimony is one of God's faithfulness and the ability to use willing vessels to do the impossible. From instantaneous physical healings to salvation, God has been using them to move in a supernatural way all across the nation. With three Diamond Award nominations under their belt, their debut single, "Let Go," #1 on the Southern Gospel Times charts, and performances to thousands, God is raising them up as they continue to raise Him up.

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