Monthly Archives: June 2010

Faith In That Name


Before I start my post, let me apologize for not posting a new “Moment of Truth” sooner. The plain and simple truth is that I’ve not had the time, and for that I am sorry. More and more these days I’m finding my self in awe of God and how He could ever use some one like me. We pre-released our forth-coming single “Let Go” to several stations and one imparticular is an internet station that broadcasts in 13 different countries (WVSG Radio). On that station it went to #1 in two weeks. I never thought in a million years that God would allow me to be apart of such a successful song, but even more so I never thought that He would give me the words and allow me to write a #1 song. He is so merciful and gracious, and for that I am eternally greatful. Even more exciting than any #1 or success of any song, we have seen healings and deliverances recently in our services. I mean, full on, flat out, God-sent physical healings and demonic deliverance. We are finding more and more that people today don’t believe that God is still in the business of doing “unusual” miracles. The scripture that says “if we have the faith the size of the grain of a mustard seed and say to the mountain be thou removed, it shall be moved” is still as valid today as it was the day it was written. So I pose the question, what is your mountain? What is standing in the way of you recieving your mighty and unusal miracle? Is it a mountain of doubt? Disbelief? Or is your mountain a circumstance? Remember that through the mighty name of Jesus anything is possible. ANYTHING. Just speak to that situation in His name, and the situation has to change. Just say that name- Jesus.       Jesus.     Jesus.     Through that name peace comes, resolution happens, demons and devils have to flee. So the next time satan creeps in with doubt or worry, or if a mountain stands in your way, just speak the name of Jesus, have faith in knowing that He can take care of anything and work any situation for your good.