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The gift in a baby


As most of you know Paul and I are expecting our first child any day now and we are so absolutely thrilled. I am filled with such excitement and anticipation that I feel like I could burst, and I’m sure I look like I could burst too! Over the course of my pregnancy I have been thinking about Mary and what it must have been like for her to carry the wonderful gift of Jesus in her womb. I often wonder if she had the same fears and questions as I do- Will I be a good mother? What will he look like when he gets here? What kind of personality will he have? More than anything I am sure in the back of her mind she had to think about how she could ever give up her precious son to be sacrificed for us. What was it like to bring a son into this world who was born to die? I cannot even begin to fathom the mixture of emotions that must have overwhelmed her with that single thought. The same hands that reached for her and the very feet that chased after her would be nailed to a cross, the same brow she kissed would have a crown of thorns impressed upon it, and the same back that she would rub to soothe her tiny baby would be whipped and beaten, all for us. I have to be completely honest, I don’t think that I could ever give up my son ‘s life for any one in this world, especially when most of the world would reject him. Our sin debt and Jesus’ sacrifice can be explained like this: Our sin was like the ultimate crime and the death penality was the sentence that was passed down. When we were on death row, about to recieve our deserving sentence, Jesus stepped up and said, “I’ll take your place.”  A man, the holy perfect spotless Lamb of God, who never sinned or did anything that would warrant such a sentence, voluntairily took our place. How amazing is that? It is a perfect example of pure love. Now as a parent how would you feel if your child came to you and said, “Mom, I am going to lay my life down for these people. You don’t know most of them and most of them do not love me, but it’s something that I have to do because I love them.” I would do anything and everything in my power to stop my son from doing what would seem to me to be a crazy thing! I am so thankful that Jesus gave His life willingly for us and that in the end Mary was able to see that His sacrifice was not in vain. He arose a strong and victorious king whose death and resurrection gave us eternal life! If you have never accepted Jesus’ gift of love and life, I invite you to do so; all you have to do is say this simple prayer:

Heavenly Father, have mercy on me, a sinner. I believe in you and that your word is true. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God and that he died on the cross so that I may now have forgiveness for my sins and eternal life. I know that without you in my heart my life is meaningless. I believe in my heart that you, Lord God, raised Him from the dead. Please Jesus forgive me for every sin that I have ever committed or done in my hear. Please Lord Jesus forgive me and come into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior today. I need you as my Father and my Friend. I give you my life and ask you to take full control from this moment on; I pray this in Jesus name. Amen. 


If you prayed this prayer and meant it within your heart you are now a Christian! If you’d like, send us an email of your new found commitment at

God bless!