Keeping the Victory


While we were singing at a certain revival near Columbia, South Carolina we had quite a number of people come to the altar to get prayer for various things. That particular night Paul’s dad, John, was able to be apart of services and we let him lead the prayers at the altar call.  After a mighty move of God that night, John addressed the congregation and said, “Do you know how to keep the victory that God just gave you? It takes three simple steps: 1. On your knees 2. In the Book  3. Eyes on Him.” People started to look around in disbelief; you could almost read their minds, “That’s it? It’s got to be more complicated than that .” Actually folks, it’s not. Once we go to God in prayer and turn our situation completely over to Him, it’s up to Him to handle it, us to leave it there, and us to thank Him and praise Him for answering our prayer before we even see an answer to it. But how can we have confidence enough to do that? Well, it’s just like John said- 1. Get on your knees in a prayer of thanksgiving, “Lord, you see my need and I praise you for the way that you have/ are going to take care of this need.” 2. In the book- Read the Bible all that you can; absorb it, make it apart of yourself. If there is anything in your life that does not line up with the Word of God, fix it through prayer and repentance. Then find the appropriate scripture and apply it to your prayer. “God Your word says that all things are possible through You and Your Son Jesus Christ and that if we ask anything in Your name, we shall receive it…” 3. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Make sure that every step you take in life is one that you have sought God before taking. Deuteronomy 13:4 says, “Ye shall walk after the Lord your God and fear Him, and keep His commandments, and obey His voice, and serve Him, and cleave unto Him.” So when the devil tries to steal your victory, get alone with God, plead the Blood, and practice these three simple steps!


Until Next Time,

   In His Love,



About mimismomentoftruth

The Ladd Family is an anointed family ministry with strong christian roots. They began more than 35 years ago when John and Violet Ladd felt the call of God on their lives to travel singing and preaching the gospel with their children. Today, the family tradition carries on with their son Paul and his wife Melissa. Their testimony is one of God's faithfulness and the ability to use willing vessels to do the impossible. From instantaneous physical healings to salvation, God has been using them to move in a supernatural way all across the nation. With three Diamond Award nominations under their belt, their debut single, "Let Go," #1 on the Southern Gospel Times charts, and performances to thousands, God is raising them up as they continue to raise Him up.

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